Sustainable Global Capital Conference

Bridging global sustainability ambition with international financial markets

The World has undergone massive changes in the global landscape, in every industry. Financial markets have been primarily effected by the launch of the taxonomy, threatened by the accelerating climate threat and put under pressure due to a european war, which has caused an international outcry. Given new governmental regulations and synergies, which were established to drive international sustainability efforts, the future will show to what extend the new measurements will be taken into consideration and put into action.

Ahead of COP27 in November, the Sustainable Global Capital Conference, formerly known as FUTURE EUROPE SUSTAINABLE EUROPE, will bring together pioneering issuers, investors, consultants, politicians, industry specialists and many more under one roof, to strengthen the global community and drive a coherent approach to use capital markets to fulfill the net-zero target.

The Sustainable Global Capital Conference will produce action plans and vital changes, which will support the uptake of Sustainability across our industries and the society. How can Capital Markets help? Find out!

Conference Topics

  • How can global financial markets promote decarbonisation?
  • How will global growth be impacted amid suitability pressures, rising rates and geopolitical uncertainty?
  • Can Europe be the first continent to reach net-zero?
  • How should investors recalibrate long-term investments and identify new areas of portfolio growth?
  • Will COP27 turn pledges into plans?

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